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SILVER AND GOLD  is a play I am working on about wealth, greed, charity, philanthropy and freeloading. It follows the story of Lydia and her adopted brother Kit – two disenfranchised young people trying to cut a path through life in London, the unforgiving, unyielding city of the rich.


It asks questions like: how should we be spending our money; how do we decide what sort of expenditure is excessive; what duty do we have to give to good causes, and how do we choose which to give to; what do people owe to the person who has funded them; and is there ever such a thing as a truly selfless action?

The first scene of SILVER AND GOLD was showcased as part of the Tron 100 Festival of new writing in June 2016, directed by Amy McKenzie and starring Alfie Wellcoat and Amy Drummond.


London, now. Andrew is treating Lydia to a fancy dinner, but it's not a date. It's a transaction. It's a contract. It's conspicuous consumption.

But is it even that simple- when Lydia has her own agenda too?

Production photos - credit Matthew Thomas: 

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