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GLORY was the play idea for which I won the Playwrights' Studio Scotland New Playwrights Award.

GLORY follows a teenage girl who has been brought up within the old-fashioned travelling circus tradition in the UK by her expat Russian parents. When she meets and falls for a lonely British boy, Liam, in a run-down small town, he tempts her to rebel against her overbearing parents, and to prioritise herself for once. But as his and his sister's influence leads her to increasingly reckless behaviour, her newly-discovered self-centredness has disastrous consequences for her parents, leaving her with a terrible choice to make. It’s about discipline vs freedom; it’s about what you sacrifice for the greater good; it’s about power.

GLORY has been written to invite inclusion of movement and circus performance aspects in the final production. Circus makers who contributed to my research process include Kaveh Rahnama and Alice Langley.

Playwrights'  Studio Scotland supported the initial development and writing of the play throughout 2016; this included a £2000 bursary,  a week-long residency at Cove Park, and mentorship from Zinnie Harris.

A development day was held at Playwrights'  Studio Scotland in summer 2017, directed by Philip Howard and involving the following cast:









John Kazek - VITALY                    Anne Lacey - EKATERINA        James Siggens - LIAM                Ashley Smith - EVA                      Emma Torrens - OAKLEY

After a hiatus while I was on maternity leave, I returned to rework the play in autumn 2018, supported by mentorship and dramaturgy from Philip Howard. 

Please drop me a line to chat about production possibilities for this play.

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