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My first full production was an adaptation of Euripides' The Bacchae; created in collaboration with director Jay Miller and performers including Christopher Brett Bailey and Caroline Williams, composer Jordan Hunt, and a video designer and movement director, it was performed in a two-week run at the Yard Theatre in London in October 2011.


While retaining elements of Euripides’ Greek tragedy, ‘a bAcchae’ at the same time brought both the form and the story firmly up to date. As a play it explored the moment in time when beliefs erode and reconstruct; the show was an explosion of music and video, gods playing with audience members, scenes caving in on themselves, and invisible choruses infected with song.

"I love a locked door. It’s my favourite dance."

Production photos:

Bacchae production image 2.jpg
BAcchae, Yard Theatre, image - The Revel
Bacchae production image 3.jpg
Bacchae production image 1.jpg
Bacchae production image 4.jpg
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