MEATSPACE was a one-act piece created exclusively for the main stage of the Tron Theatre as part of the Tron 100 Festival of new work in June 2017. 

I collaborated with director Amy McKenzie and actors Roanna Davidson, Rachel Ogilvy and Hilde McKenna, to explore questions of polarisation in the internet age; how harvested data and complicated algorithms are affecting the worldview we each adopt; how stuck we all are in our own echo chambers, and how easy it is to condemn those on the opposite side; how the anonymity of the internet might be fuelling abuse; what insidious misogynistic clickbait and promoted ads might be doing to our mental wellbeing; and how the hell we achieve any truth and any compassion amidst it all.  

Out of our shared process of research and discussion, I then wrote a script telling the story of an impassioned young woman confronting the troll who's been hounding her, and discovering that all is not as black and white as she first thought. The play tackles the difficult question of how we try to understand, or even forgive, those who seem to be driven by pure malice.

MEATSPACE was performed at the Tron in June 2017 with the following cast:

Roanna Davidson - JUNE                         Hilde McKenna - PATRICIA

I plan to work on a longer version of MEATSPACE in the future.

Production photos - credit Robin Mitchell:












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